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Tag: restaurant

Young & Hungry

22 Januar, 2010 (15:09) | Food & Beverages | By: pooq

At least those food blogs seem to have a fine humor when choosing their names. This one is dealing with restaurants and food in Washington D.C. so „Angelico la Pizzeria Coming to Glover Park“ certainly is a story worth for them to tell. So lets see if they are able to tempt me visiting it. […]


19 Januar, 2010 (15:48) | Economics, Lifestyle | By: pooq

Restaurants are a good place to visit after a fatiguing working day. At least for those who can afford it. You can meet some friends there and get fine food whichout the need of cooking or doing the dishes afterwards. That’s why it was so hard to get a place there not too long ago. […]