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Tag: News


5 Februar, 2010 (18:32) | Humor, News | By: pooq

This blog post consists of little more than a Youtube video with a British parody on „How to make a news segment„. As there was barely much else to deal with in this blog post I against my principles decided to watch the clip. Well it was not overwhelmingly exciting but neat enough to watch […]

Manifest Density

22 Januar, 2010 (17:28) | News | By: pooq

Now „the New York Times is erecting a partial paywall.“ and the author thinks that it would not work the way they might have planned. „Not in a technical sense.“ the author said. But actually he claims that it would indeed not work in technically sense as it would be technically possible to build such […]

News central

18 Oktober, 2008 (16:55) | News | By: pooq

(Screenshot von Newsalloy ( is a feed reader, which collects news from other websites and presents them to the user on a page of it’s own. On the startpage you can login or on your first visit register an account. In meantime most websites which provide news offer „feeds“. Such websites are the big […]

Always on the search (

11 Oktober, 2008 (19:16) | Internet, That is life | By: admin

(Screenshot of Google ( is the search engine used by most users worldwide. The very simple start page contains a text box to enter a term of interest and after sending it Google serves short descriptions and Internet addresses of websites matching this request for free. The company uses automatic search bots to visit […]