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Tag: guns

Tim Worstall

7 Mai, 2010 (14:56) | Media, Politics | By: pooq

Tim read a strange article in the New York Times and critizes that he did not understand the article. The NYT mentioned the efforts of the gun lobby „to keep up the pressure, public and private, after the near-disaster in Times Square.“ Why that, Tim wonders: „wouldn’t it make more sense to claim that propane […]

Tools of Renewal

7 Februar, 2010 (19:50) | Religion, Society | By: pooq

The author equipped his Glock pistol with the Truglo device which works like a kind of laser pointer to visibly mark targets even in the dark (9 February, 2009: actually it does not work exactly like a laser pointer (see comments below)). The only problem is how to wear that gun in the public as […]