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Tag: Golf

An Ideal Golf Course

26 August, 2010 (15:46) | Sports | By: pooq

The author seems to be not alone a golf player but a designer of golf courses and he shows a picture of a place close to the ocean where he almost did build a golf course. But he didn’t and for sure it would be awful to calculate the stormy winds so close to the […]

Free Drop

30 Juli, 2010 (20:13) | Sports | By: pooq

If I got a free drop I would try to drop out of this loop of golf sites. But this is one of the principles of this website: take what you get. And I consider whta I get is more interesting knowledge about golf. „Knowing where you are?“ is the question of the day – […]

Whiffling Straits Golf Blog

30 Juli, 2010 (19:56) | That is life | By: pooq

On the first impression the pictures shown on the website might implicate the course of the pro pro superiour golf league with very much water and very slopy green in the far distance. But of course it is not that. After all it is much worse as this is the impression of what some bad […]

Waggle Room

29 Juli, 2010 (18:20) | Law, Sports, That is life | By: pooq

Golf is said to be a slow and expensive not to say exclusive sport. The ideal game for the rich such as bankers and lawyers. And America is the country for lawyers – I know that for sure as I frequently watched „The Simpsons“ and „Futurama“. So after a probably wrong disqualification of Sarah Brown […]

Tuna Golf

29 Juli, 2010 (17:27) | Sports | By: pooq

After American Football and Baseball here is an interesting combination of two further favourite American sports: Tuna Golf which combines Golf with Fishing. But at least those two are sports that are popular in at least some countries outside the States. Maybe that’s why those sports are just considered to be mediocre. Or maybe iit […]