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Tag: fiction

MANtastic Fiction

9 März, 2010 (21:08) | Literature | By: pooq

Wow, that is a strange website too. After I dared to give worthy design tips in my last post here is another strange concept. Actually it is not the design but the the page concept. I did not inspect it properly (I don’t have that much that expertise in web design, so simply look for […]

Phylactery of Nightmares & Dreams

4 März, 2010 (22:27) | Health, Literature | By: pooq

„I’m Still Around“ the author announces after being away for about seven weeks. And his absence from his blog has not been because a general lack of time, a new work but for health reasons. Actually he even fell into a coma and describes the strange and partly nightmarish experiences he made in this time. […]

Zoe Whitten’s Blog

4 März, 2010 (22:09) | Literature | By: pooq

I don’t exactly know whether it is dark fiction or comedy, when you awake and find yourself somewhere else. Somebody is sleeping next to you, whos tail brushed against your cheek, which caused you waking up. Somebody called Leona. And obviously Leona is not a cat or something of the kind, as when you examine […]