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Tag: earthquake

Sunlit Water

22 Januar, 2010 (17:37) | History | By: pooq

This post is already from January the 14th and deals with the situation in Haiti which „is pretty dire and depressing“. But above that he admits that, like many others, he has only very little background knowledge about Haiti in general. Therefore he read about it in the Internet and linked to some sources as […]


17 Januar, 2010 (18:59) | Entertainment, Politics | By: pooq

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt again prove to be the supercouple of America. If not of the whole world. Aren’t they just called „Brangelina“ for that? So they did not stand back in the earthquake desaster in Haiti and donated a sum of 1 million dollars for the victims. That is exactly the amount China […]

Wings Over Iraq

15 Januar, 2010 (19:10) | News, Politics | By: pooq

„They’re Heading for the Medical Frigate…“ „They“ requested „the US Navy’s hospital ship, the USNS Comfort“ to help the victims in Haiti and the whole Caribbean area which has lately been struck by earthquake. So the „Medical aid for the Haiti earthquake is now a military-style op“. I haven’t considered neither noticed that before as […]