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5 Juli, 2010 (16:47) | Politics | By: pooq

No, this blog is not completely dead but I found only little time recently to keep on writing here. But as a small sign of live I am going on my way. With Obama who did no good job recently as well, though I have to admit his work isn’t a piece of cake at the moment. So what is „Obama and Reaganism“ about? Actually it is not said too much about it here but you can follow the link to the post on Huffington to learn more.

Above that it seems pills time again which could be seen in the comments. Weilerblog seems to be very liberal (or uncautious) with comments to allow such spam. I myself did delete a similiar post on my blog just 5 minutes ago. But maybe I could tease some more bots when choosing tags accordingly, hehe. Come to my honeypot, bot.

The Wages of Wins Journal

8 Mai, 2010 (16:30) | Sports | By: pooq

Only the title of this blog might explain the sudden jump from economics to sports. And sports obviously is an easy theme to deal with. „Yahoo! and a Proposal“ is the name the author gave this article. The „Yahoo“ part is just mentioning the fact that certain story has been popular on Yahoo. As this has not to much to do with the rest of the article I suspect the author to use this only for the sake of having some enthusiastic sound word in the title, which is very popular among sport fans.

Above that he has the clever idea to allow other people to write articles on certain sport teams in his blog in future. This is what he has done in the past. So he is very clever to offer this and let others write the content for his blog. So if there is anyone wanting to write about anything please contact me too as I would fancy getting other people doing my job as well. On the other hand beside of the section „Buy Our Books“ I did not detect any commercials on the page so maybe we could as well consider the author is really trying to improve his blog altruisticly with his readers writings and not seeking personal advantage. So if you are a sports expert (especially basketball i suppose because of the basketball in the title banner) maybe you should visit that website before you apply at me.


7 Mai, 2010 (15:09) | Economics | By: pooq

This post presents a „fascinating, but largely useless, PIIGS debt graphic from The New York Times“.

So again it is the NYT which gone wrong. What a bad paper no one should read it anymore. But the arguments of the blog author are right nevertheless when he critizes that the focus and the measures used in the graph are questionable. But this is always the problem with graphics, they can not display the whole truth but only show one point of view. Otherwise we put every complex information into a simple picture. So with all graphics and statistics you always need to be careful.

But I would not agree that far with the author to say it is „largely useless“ as at least it indicates how small the greek economical problems are compared to other probably coming problems. So the information I miss most is a clearer statement of the countries‘ risk to fail. But their economical influence which is shown, already indicate what problems still are about to come for the Euro, the European economy and the worldwide economy. Maybe last reminder to get at least financial titles out of the portfolio?

Tim Worstall

7 Mai, 2010 (14:56) | Media, Politics | By: pooq

Tim read a strange article in the New York Times and critizes that he did not understand the article. The NYT mentioned the efforts of the gun lobby „to keep up the pressure, public and private, after the near-disaster in Times Square.“ Why that, Tim wonders: „wouldn’t it make more sense to claim that propane tanks and fertilizer should be controlled“.

No, it would not, because the writers of the Bill of Rights carelessly neglected to state the second amendment properly and forgot to mention propane tanks and fertilizers. So the only problem in America is the gun lobby. After all that is lucky, isn’t it? Otherwise you’d have to deal with renitent farmers like France has to.

So the NYT simply hinted to the strange confidence of the gun lobby which is hardly linked to the tempted bomb attack. Or maybe it would help to simply shoot anyone who parks a car somewhere? So Tim if you don’t understand the New York Times, please don’t critize but try reading a more simple paper instead.

Guido Fawkes‘ Blog

5 Mai, 2010 (16:46) | Politics | By: pooq

The Next Election Battle : Labour Leader„. The end of the election is the beginning of another election the author is sure. Unsurprisingly many observers are quite sure that Gordon Brown will retire as the leader of Labour in case his party will lose its (absolute) majority. But even if Labour would win the elections the author indicates there will be a good change that Brown will drop the leadership of his party before the next election period anyway. Though the author states his opinion of the chances of the potential candidates, I could not quite figure out what exactly his personal guess was. But at least he said „The bookies currently are making Miliband favourite, Harman second favourite, Darling is seen as a safe pair of hands caretaker, Balls (if he survives) and Johnson are in the running.“ So betting always was of the Brit’s favourite pleasures…

Wife in the North

5 Mai, 2010 (16:27) | Politics | By: pooq

Time to drop the bomb – or „The Day After Tomorrow„. It is hard to be a Brit these days with the coming election. Especially when you are a follower of Gordon Brown. So whoever will lose the election on Thursday will have to live with the knowledge that it was very very close. At least it is now. We have three parties with about even percentages of potential voters. Though Labour is widely seen on third position only in the forecasts it will profit from the setting of election districts and still may win the election even with the lowest result of all three parties. This fact may make it very hard for the new shoting star Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrats who hardly won any district in the elections before and so did not send too many candidates to parliament in the last elections. It will be interesting whether he will have a deja vu.

The author at least is fed up of all those campaigning which of course is running until the last possible moment. Like most people in England she is not this proud of the politician’s work and behaviour in public which is understandable considering the latest political scandals. Nevertheless as a Brownie she is a little bit biased in her perception. It is hard for her to stand the hybris of „the Camerons curled-up together waiting to be called to govern the country“ and is imagining „Nick Clegg sitting down to tea with Colin Firth for a heartthrob-to-heartthob chit-chat.“ And all the time she has to know that with Brown something went horribly wrong during the past weeks.

At least she will have an exiting and interesting election day tomorrow and I am sure that she and most of her countrymen will go to the ballot tomorrow to cast her vote. Lets whether Britain will experience more changes in their political live than getting simply a new government. After they got TV debates as a new medial event they may learn the benefits and draw backs of a coalition and some will even put in question the whole majority vote system.

Linkblog April 2010 Blogs

2 Mai, 2010 (13:31) | Editorial | By: pooq

In the past month I did not visit too much articles and not really all of those I did visit were really interesting. So the list of blog articles I stumbled upon and of which I think were interested to read is not too long for this month:

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Linkblog April 2010 Articles

2 Mai, 2010 (13:24) | Editorial | By: pooq

April went over quickly and having so much other things to do I did not continue much on my stroll around the blogs. Actually I did not find too many interesting places on my way too so I often found it hard to write something about some of the blogs at all. Therefore my reading tipps for my April Articles are a bit limited, but here they are:

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