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legal indications

1. The use of this website and all linked websites is on behalf of your own risk. There is no liability for errors or defects that may occur on your computer.
2. All rights on the linked websites lay at the owners of these sites. All rights on the contents of the linked websites lay at the owners of these rights.
3. There is no guarantee on correct naming, description or classification of the links. Each user has to check whether the contents of the linked sites match with those allegations. Especially it is the duty of each user to check whether the contents of the linked sites are reliable and legal.
4. Despite of careful selection it is not possible to check the whole content of linked sites in most cases. In addition the content of linked sites may be subsequently changed. By malice or inattention links to sites with illegal contents might be added at short notice.
I explicitly point out that i have no influence on the composition and the contents of the linked sites. Therefore i dissociate explicitly from all contents off all sites which are linked from this website.
5. It is not allowed to add pieces of information, which in naming, description, classification or in the content of the linked site violate the law or disrate the dignity of other persons, creatures or organisations above the level of humour.
6. I reserve the right to alter or delete pieces of information without declaration of reasons.
7. By adding data you grant me the right to use on this site or at another place and/or in another form the link data you added to the link list.
8. If you wish the altering or deleting of data or elements of this site, contact me as soon as possible.
Also contact me before starting juridical arguments to avoid such arguments.
9. These indications are just a service for english speaking users.
In case of juridical arguments the indications are significant as written in the german version.
10. If single parts of this legal indications are inoperative the other parts of this legal indications will nevertheless stay effective.