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Category: Travels

Ma vie en France

12 April, 2010 (11:20) | Travels | By: pooq

Actually it already seems that about a year has passed since the author visited France. I would eliminate the second possible reason that the visit became that boring that there was nothing worth writing about. Maybe contrary: the author got a cultural shock which disabled her to continue writing. Yes, probably it is that. Imagine […]

Chat Richards

12 Januar, 2010 (18:30) | Travels | By: pooq

Chat Richard’s blog is subtitled with „War, Chaos, and Business“ and his current hope is about „Recent Travels“. Which makes me strongly hoping he did not have visited any place around here. If so it were too late already as his post is from November of last year. The first sentence is relieving me from […]

Where the wind blows

22 November, 2008 (17:50) | Sports, Travels | By: pooq

(Screenshot of There are many weather forecasts in the Internet, which give general information of a region. Windfinder ( provides data of single meteriological stations and is specialized on wind data. With the simple search options it is easy to find the spot of choice quickly. There is are several datsets for a single […]