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Category: Sports

The Debate Link

17 Januar, 2010 (19:44) | Society, Sports | By: pooq

„How do you turn a fruit into a vegetable?“ – „No idea.“ – „With a baseball bat.“ Ah, yes… No I didn’t get this joke. Obviously the bat is used to smash the fruit? Right? Maybe I just don’t understand because for years now I have been searching in vain for a technical explanation which […]

Where the wind blows

22 November, 2008 (17:50) | Sports, Travels | By: pooq

(Screenshot of There are many weather forecasts in the Internet, which give general information of a region. Windfinder ( provides data of single meteriological stations and is specialized on wind data. With the simple search options it is easy to find the spot of choice quickly. There is are several datsets for a single […]