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Category: Society

The Debate Link

17 Januar, 2010 (19:44) | Society, Sports | By: pooq

„How do you turn a fruit into a vegetable?“ – „No idea.“ – „With a baseball bat.“ Ah, yes… No I didn’t get this joke. Obviously the bat is used to smash the fruit? Right? Maybe I just don’t understand because for years now I have been searching in vain for a technical explanation which […]

Room for debate

11 Januar, 2010 (16:21) | Society | By: pooq

„The nation’s mobility rate fell last year to its lowest level since World War II„. Really? Maybe they just consider civilians. But the author has no reasons for this phenomenon. In desperation he ends up in questions how it could have gone that far. And this is an important question as „greater labor mobility helps […]