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Category: Society

The Right Coast

14 Februar, 2010 (23:17) | Society | By: pooq

Well, let’s play some Jeopardy. Not just that boring stuff where you have to put a simple answer just into the form of a question. No, this is real Jeopardy with the real answer. And I think noone will be able to find out the question of the blog post I visited (of course moving […]

Tools of Renewal

7 Februar, 2010 (19:50) | Religion, Society | By: pooq

The author equipped his Glock pistol with the Truglo device which works like a kind of laser pointer to visibly mark targets even in the dark (9 February, 2009: actually it does not work exactly like a laser pointer (see comments below)). The only problem is how to wear that gun in the public as […]

Patrick Eakes

7 Februar, 2010 (15:12) | Society | By: pooq

Charles Davenport, Jr. seems to be a man of limited understanding of statistics and facts. To hide this drawback he frequently uses quotes in the hope that citing other people will provide a good deal of those people’s insights and would be a prove of education. Let’s take a closer look to find out whether […]

Sue’s Place

5 Februar, 2010 (19:09) | Society | By: pooq

This is the second time in short time that a blog article encouraged me to read about the Greensboro sit-ins. This time the question is whether „The Weaver family participated in and financially benefited from racially segregationist policies prior to the time that they ‘decided’ to integrate their properties“. Well I don’t want to look […]


2 Februar, 2010 (14:45) | Society | By: pooq

The Diaspora is a fate several ethical or religious communities have suffered in history. The author has Asian roots even though I understand that he was born in the USA. He describes the fates of his family members – especially those of his father and his mother. And above his own Diaspora he also studied […]

Wild Chihuahuas

2 Februar, 2010 (14:01) | Society | By: pooq

If I were asked to summarize this post in my own words it would sound like this: The world is bad. Really bad. And we all know it buy try to comfort us by trying to forget about the desolate situation in the country. Rich people, especially bankers, get richer every day without deserving any […]

field negro

2 Februar, 2010 (13:28) | Society | By: pooq

Black people are still suffering from discrimination in the U.S. – of course it is no more open discrimination but if you look at the average social situation of black people compared to those of whites there are still significant differences. Even more you will see the disproportionateness of black and white people in leading […]

Things I’ve Learned from Wikipedia

19 Januar, 2010 (17:40) | Internet, Society | By: pooq

For some reason ten is the most popular number of rules (maybe beside of 1 and 3). So some guy in Georgia erected stone columns with a number of rules written on them. As you might guess it were ten rules (in 8 languages) which would lead the way to a better future. Beside of […]