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Category: Science


18 Januar, 2010 (22:37) | Politics, Science | By: pooq

It seems as if the author of this blog is visiting other websites to give a rough abstract to motivate her users to visit this pages. What a good idea. Even worse in her abstracts she is tending to be slightly ironic. I do not support such attacks against honest American science and so I […]


18 Januar, 2010 (14:53) | Science | By: pooq

It is a good idea to split the blog roll into theme sections. Not alone that in a large blog roll it helps the visitor to find what he is interested in. No it is an exit that from time to time will bring me back from Politics to something else. On the other hand […]

Princeton Election Consortium

11 Januar, 2010 (15:28) | Science | By: pooq

Did you know what TEDxSF is? It is a spinoff of the famous TED conference. Well, that does not bring me much further as, you may guess, I have no idea what the TED conference is. How can it be famous then? But at least I could follow the given links to learn more about […]