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Category: Religion

Tools of Renewal

7 Februar, 2010 (19:50) | Religion, Society | By: pooq

The author equipped his Glock pistol with the Truglo device which works like a kind of laser pointer to visibly mark targets even in the dark (9 February, 2009: actually it does not work exactly like a laser pointer (see comments below)). The only problem is how to wear that gun in the public as […]


18 Januar, 2010 (21:27) | Music, Religion | By: pooq

The blog’s title certainly seems to be a play on words containing something jewish. But if it is „juicy“ or „You see“ or both I don’t know. Actually the post as very little about „Bluegrass, German History, and How I Found My Jewish Voice“ (maybe the latter applies) as it seems to be more an […]

Womanist Musings

8 Januar, 2010 (16:24) | Politics, Religion | By: pooq

„For Some, Every Muslim is a Guilty Muslim„, says the author and she had forseen the upcoming conflict with (or better to say against?) foreign and muslim people already at 9/11. A conflict which is not just fought in other countries but in the very heart of every town in the USA where muslim people […]