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Category: Politics


5 Juli, 2010 (16:47) | Politics | By: pooq

No, this blog is not completely dead but I found only little time recently to keep on writing here. But as a small sign of live I am going on my way. With Obama who did no good job recently as well, though I have to admit his work isn’t a piece of cake at […]

Tim Worstall

7 Mai, 2010 (14:56) | Media, Politics | By: pooq

Tim read a strange article in the New York Times and critizes that he did not understand the article. The NYT mentioned the efforts of the gun lobby „to keep up the pressure, public and private, after the near-disaster in Times Square.“ Why that, Tim wonders: „wouldn’t it make more sense to claim that propane […]

Guido Fawkes‘ Blog

5 Mai, 2010 (16:46) | Politics | By: pooq

„The Next Election Battle : Labour Leader„. The end of the election is the beginning of another election the author is sure. Unsurprisingly many observers are quite sure that Gordon Brown will retire as the leader of Labour in case his party will lose its (absolute) majority. But even if Labour would win the elections […]

Wife in the North

5 Mai, 2010 (16:27) | Politics | By: pooq

Time to drop the bomb – or „The Day After Tomorrow„. It is hard to be a Brit these days with the coming election. Especially when you are a follower of Gordon Brown. So whoever will lose the election on Thursday will have to live with the knowledge that it was very very close. At […]

The Crone Speaks

31 März, 2010 (15:20) | Politics | By: pooq

Teabag bullies are going to personally threat their opponents, says the author of the post. They were threatening them and their families openly to use violence against them. By this behaviour the so called tea party is making itself more and more unbearable. Now after they soon enough have reached the end of their reasoning […]


30 März, 2010 (18:40) | Politics | By: pooq

It’s a quiz ! At least there are a lot of questions within this blog post if you leave out all the other useless stuff. I will try to answer all of them. Maybe there is even a prize to win? So here we go: „Jesus H Christ in the stockade, would someone please tell […]

Whiskey Fire

30 März, 2010 (18:13) | Politics | By: pooq

Doing the math is what I like. Everything else is just vague chitchat. But numbers are which literally count. And we won’t bother with kindergarten algebra but start with tough business right from the start: the body count. First calculation comes from Megan McArdle, who on a rule of thumb figures that the health care […]

Oliver Willis

30 März, 2010 (16:21) | Movies, Politics | By: pooq

Oliver Willis is like „Kryptonite To Stupid“ as the subtitle says. So I am very anxious whether I could dare to stay on his website for more than a few minutes before I get severely weakened. But how bad is the destiny of Meghan McCain who stuck in this block post. As the author titles […]