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Category: Music

A Little Urbanity

7 Februar, 2010 (18:51) | Music | By: pooq

„We packed two cars full of teenagers yesterday to see Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Bob Dylan perform at the Durham Athletic Park.“ Maybe the author of this blog ownes a Black Maria or how else did they get a bunch of young people to watch this stone old heroes of their parents or better […]

Writing is fighting

30 Januar, 2010 (16:04) | Music, News | By: pooq

„High on Fire – S@#t I Love this damn song…….and Haiti“ – ??? – „Okay, this is a weird post. I’m basically throwing two bits together that shouldn’t really go together, but they have been on my mind“ – Ah, I see. But that would lead to confusing situations on other occasions too: „You are […]


18 Januar, 2010 (21:27) | Music, Religion | By: pooq

The blog’s title certainly seems to be a play on words containing something jewish. But if it is „juicy“ or „You see“ or both I don’t know. Actually the post as very little about „Bluegrass, German History, and How I Found My Jewish Voice“ (maybe the latter applies) as it seems to be more an […]