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Category: Media

Tim Worstall

7 Mai, 2010 (14:56) | Media, Politics | By: pooq

Tim read a strange article in the New York Times and critizes that he did not understand the article. The NYT mentioned the efforts of the gun lobby „to keep up the pressure, public and private, after the near-disaster in Times Square.“ Why that, Tim wonders: „wouldn’t it make more sense to claim that propane […]

Balloon Juice

23 Januar, 2010 (13:59) | Internet, Media | By: pooq

The author is citing an article of the Vanity Fair about a guy named Charles Johnson who is about to „increase both the reach and efficiency“ (or is it to „complicate“ ?). Well sounds like a good and innovative idea. Obviously Vanity Fair has realized that there is a thing called „blogosphere“ and thought it […]