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Category: Law

Waggle Room

29 Juli, 2010 (18:20) | Law, Sports, That is life | By: pooq

Golf is said to be a slow and expensive not to say exclusive sport. The ideal game for the rich such as bankers and lawyers. And America is the country for lawyers – I know that for sure as I frequently watched „The Simpsons“ and „Futurama“. So after a probably wrong disqualification of Sarah Brown […]

The Buck Stops Here

26 Februar, 2010 (18:46) | Law | By: pooq

The author lets his readers participate in a few developments in the law case McCullen v. Coakley which he previously has dealt with in his blog. Wuhaha, that’ll be a hard one as I could hardly say anything about law. But well lets see if I even understand what this is about. „A group of […]