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Category: Internet

The Rusty Nail

4 März, 2010 (14:13) | Internet | By: pooq

Nicky is having a problem. He is trying to collect his online stories to provide them at one location. Unfortunally this data is spread widely and many of it has already got lost. Now as everybody knows data actually never gets lost, you simply can’t find or access it anymore. Some is stored at services […]

Balloon Juice

23 Januar, 2010 (13:59) | Internet, Media | By: pooq

The author is citing an article of the Vanity Fair about a guy named Charles Johnson who is about to „increase both the reach and efficiency“ (or is it to „complicate“ ?). Well sounds like a good and innovative idea. Obviously Vanity Fair has realized that there is a thing called „blogosphere“ and thought it […]


19 Januar, 2010 (18:20) | Internet, Software | By: pooq

So this is what happens if you don’t take a proper look on the blogroll. A quick glance to that of the last blog gave me the impression that beneath some other entries there would be at least a „developer blog“ to continue my voyage. – Which directly leads to the WordPress developer blog. Seems […]

Things I’ve Learned from Wikipedia

19 Januar, 2010 (17:40) | Internet, Society | By: pooq

For some reason ten is the most popular number of rules (maybe beside of 1 and 3). So some guy in Georgia erected stone columns with a number of rules written on them. As you might guess it were ten rules (in 8 languages) which would lead the way to a better future. Beside of […]


12 Januar, 2010 (22:06) | Internet, Literature | By: pooq

„Compared to Deleuze and Guattari, reading Virilio is a breeze.“ Actually not Virilio himself but the book called „The information bomb“ which he wrote. And this post gives a rough summary of it’s content. So it seems to be up to me to give a summary of a summary. And if anyone would start to […]

Found well sorted

2 November, 2009 (16:57) | Internet, That is life | By: pooq

(Screenshot of There are many link collections and link directories but only few of them present a large selection of only high quality links. The link collection ( is one of the better directories. I nevertheless want to point out in advance that Pooq is a webseite I run myself. So even though I […]

The knowledge of the masses

2 November, 2008 (14:13) | Internet | By: pooq

(Screenshot of Wikipedia ( is an online encyclopedia where each reader might act like an editor or author at the same time. This lead to Wikipedia having a very large portfolio of recent articles which are offered to the visitors. The principle Wikipedia uses is practicable in the Internet only: concentrating the knowledge of […]

Looking into the tube

19 Oktober, 2008 (14:08) | Internet | By: pooq

(Screenshot of Youtube ( is part of the „participatory web“. Everyone can upload short videos and has access to all the films uploaded by others. Assumendly there are several millions of films available. The development of Youtube was very fast-paced. Founded in February 2005 it has been bought by Google for more than a […]