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Category: History

Sunlit Water

22 Januar, 2010 (17:37) | History | By: pooq

This post is already from January the 14th and deals with the situation in Haiti which „is pretty dire and depressing“. But above that he admits that, like many others, he has only very little background knowledge about Haiti in general. Therefore he read about it in the Internet and linked to some sources as […]


22 Januar, 2010 (14:45) | Food & Beverages, History | By: pooq

In the current post the blog gives a „short history of bottled beer“: „Bottled beer was invented in Hertfordshire some 440 years ago“. The story is that the parish priest Dr Alexander Nowell simply forgot a „bottle filled with home brewed ale“ when he left his spot after a fine day of fishing. When he […]

Visions of Empire

15 Januar, 2010 (16:14) | History, Politics | By: pooq

In his book „The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire“ the writer Edward Luttwak is describing the strategical measures of Byzantine to survive more than a millenium in eternal war. Based on this book this post describes the basic situation. Byzantine always have been a comparibly weak empire as it lacked of large human resources […]