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Category: Health

Tiny Cat Pants

31 März, 2010 (16:10) | Health, That is life | By: pooq

Talking about obesity is a problem. It is not only the question whether obesity itself is a problem which needs to be solved. It is yet another to make obesity a theme at all and to state that one sees obesity as a problem and wants to fight it. The shape of the body – […]

Phylactery of Nightmares & Dreams

4 März, 2010 (22:27) | Health, Literature | By: pooq

„I’m Still Around“ the author announces after being away for about seven weeks. And his absence from his blog has not been because a general lack of time, a new work but for health reasons. Actually he even fell into a coma and describes the strange and partly nightmarish experiences he made in this time. […]

The Washington Independent

9 Januar, 2010 (14:31) | Health, Politics | By: pooq

On first sight „The Washington Independent“ looks like a professional news portal. But it has comments and a blogroll so I think this counts as a blog. What I observed is that most of the blogs I visited until now tended to be „big and professional“ and have a tendency to politics. „Senate plan encourages […]