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Category: Food & Beverages


11 Februar, 2010 (16:38) | Economics, Food & Beverages | By: pooq

„Antitrust laws originated in Midwest states like Missouri in the late 1880s“ when smaller farms banded together to hold their grounds against larger farming operations. Today the situation is about the same. There are about 1.8 million farms which are likely to be inefficient compared to large agriculture companies. Even though they get large payments […]

The Internet Food Association

22 Januar, 2010 (17:06) | Food & Beverages, Language | By: pooq

„The Human Face of School Lunch“ What? There is a human face behind that mealgrown manifestation of terror? In my school there actually was to some degree: the matrone of the evil school kitchen hell who tried to make the best from the low budget and had a friendly word for each friendly pupil. But […]

Young & Hungry

22 Januar, 2010 (15:09) | Food & Beverages | By: pooq

At least those food blogs seem to have a fine humor when choosing their names. This one is dealing with restaurants and food in Washington D.C. so „Angelico la Pizzeria Coming to Glover Park“ certainly is a story worth for them to tell. So lets see if they are able to tempt me visiting it. […]

Yours for Good Fermentables

22 Januar, 2010 (14:58) | Food & Beverages | By: pooq

What do vegetarians (or even vegans) eat? The answer could be found in the vegan food blog „Eat Air“. They did not mean that honestly but provided information and especially hundreds of reciepes for vegan dishes. But now this blog stopped to continue new articles and so the author of this blog is mentioning it […]


22 Januar, 2010 (14:45) | Food & Beverages, History | By: pooq

In the current post the blog gives a „short history of bottled beer“: „Bottled beer was invented in Hertfordshire some 440 years ago“. The story is that the parish priest Dr Alexander Nowell simply forgot a „bottle filled with home brewed ale“ when he left his spot after a fine day of fishing. When he […]

Beer from the Motherland

22 Januar, 2010 (14:00) | Food & Beverages | By: pooq

This is another blog which is suffering from „a lot of changes this year, a new job and a new living arrangement and they have all left their toll.“ But nevertheless the author has managed to give a short review of what was good and important in 2009. And this is mainly focussing on beer […]