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Category: Entertainment

This modern world

25 März, 2010 (16:42) | Entertainment | By: pooq

„Latest cartoon The war on rationality. “ – All is said then. Not very much left for me to ad, isn’t it ???

Monkey Bear Reviews

25 März, 2010 (12:44) | Entertainment | By: pooq

„Four deadly diseases have broken out in the world.“ This is the plot of the board game „Pandemic“ which is presented by the author. Pandemic is a game for 2-4 player of the age of 10 or older. In the game all players must co-operate to fight four deadly diseases and hinder them spreading around […]

Save Hiatus

19 Januar, 2010 (17:59) | Entertainment | By: pooq

Wow, to publish a continous comic strip in a weblog is an idea which is completely new to me. The comic seems to be in realistic black and white drawings what I get from the last picture as all the other pictures contain text. I wonder if writing is the first skill a comic artist […]

Weekly SciFi TV Roundup

19 Januar, 2010 (17:50) | Entertainment | By: pooq

I always thought that time would never end and that the expression „till the end of time“ was just another word for „to eternity“. Actually there are at least two ends of time (or it has split into two parts). Well, if I think it over it is more likely that this blog post is […]


17 Januar, 2010 (18:59) | Entertainment, Politics | By: pooq

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt again prove to be the supercouple of America. If not of the whole world. Aren’t they just called „Brangelina“ for that? So they did not stand back in the earthquake desaster in Haiti and donated a sum of 1 million dollars for the victims. That is exactly the amount China […]

Wizards of Oz

12 Januar, 2010 (20:10) | Entertainment | By: pooq

If you ever wondered where all those people come from who make those wierd sound effects in Hollywood. Actually most of them were casted in TV shows when they were kids. They simply participate in a Dinosaur roar contest and soon enough will give their voice to some of those primeval creatures in the next […]

love in the living room

7 Januar, 2010 (20:06) | Entertainment | By: pooq

Jill Miller Zimon started it. As being a woman she was probably more likely to link to a young feminist blog and so I seem to have left politics much earlier than I thought in the beginning and seem to be within the women and feministic area now. Let’s see if I guess it right. […]


7 Januar, 2010 (19:29) | Entertainment | By: pooq

Actually I just took the first blog from the bottom of the last blogroll which looked like a blog and so I got here learning about Taylor Momsen. Taylor seems to be „Jenny“ from a series called „Gossip Girl“ which I failed to know until now. And she made it being the cover girl of […]