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Category: Art

Reflections on a life in medicine & art

27 April, 2010 (18:09) | Art | By: pooq

As a consumer of arts I am not the same bizarre type as as an artist (an awful alliteration). So I like romantic pictures especially if they have a representational base. So take a look at these pictures and maybe you like them yourself, too…

Joy Logan „This Joy Of Art“

27 April, 2010 (18:04) | Art | By: pooq

The title of the blog makes clear that the author is not only making collages but also is writing poems as a true master of words. I for myself never experienced the Joy of art, which I lacked in my youth already. All I got in my arts classes were bad (re)marks. So my favourite […]


27 April, 2010 (16:44) | Art | By: pooq

Reading my last posts some may think that I am an ignorant of the arts. My goodness, no! When Zorana is pushing paint around, well, I like the results. Take a look yourself.

Ever so Dear

27 April, 2010 (16:17) | Art, That is life | By: pooq

What a nice surprise, when you get home from the birth of your second grandchild and get your artisan working place improved. All the natural mess you had with „stones, beads, wire, tools etc“ is gone. Properly they have been put into the new drawers. Well, when I look at my desk I want this […]

Inside the Hiding Place

27 April, 2010 (15:58) | Art | By: pooq

From time to time I read discussions about the amount of women within the blogosphere. This discussions mainly are lead within politically orientated blogs and there are only few women who get a certain impact. Which leads to the question whether political blogs are sexist or to the counter argument why women simply can’t blog. […]

Team Christian Artist and Crafters

12 April, 2010 (11:59) | Art | By: pooq

Is arts a sport and why one would make teams? Anyway, the website seems to be introducing every new member by giving them the opportunity to answer a bunch of questions. Of course you can read them yourself as you like. So here instead is my application for a very qualified new member and maybe […]

A Perfect Three Hundred

12 April, 2010 (11:42) | Art | By: pooq

The author likes crafting. And looking at the photo she added, especially crafting with buttons. And so she started a shop department on an online platform to sell her products. Well, I think I am not her target audience. I fear to be quite rude by saying so but I am not that convinced. It […]

A World of Reeholio

21 Januar, 2010 (13:44) | Art | By: pooq

Blogs come and go. Especially after the intense beginning blog authors will reduce the number of daily posts, sometimes their lives change and they get new jobs and so in the end they stop posting. The funny thing is that so many authors make a temporarily restart containing sentences like „I know it has been […]