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5 Juli, 2010 (16:47) | Politics | By: pooq

No, this blog is not completely dead but I found only little time recently to keep on writing here. But as a small sign of live I am going on my way. With Obama who did no good job recently as well, though I have to admit his work isn’t a piece of cake at the moment. So what is „Obama and Reaganism“ about? Actually it is not said too much about it here but you can follow the link to the post on Huffington to learn more.

Above that it seems pills time again which could be seen in the comments. Weilerblog seems to be very liberal (or uncautious) with comments to allow such spam. I myself did delete a similiar post on my blog just 5 minutes ago. But maybe I could tease some more bots when choosing tags accordingly, hehe. Come to my honeypot, bot.