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Free Drop

30 Juli, 2010 (20:13) | Sports | By: pooq

If I got a free drop I would try to drop out of this loop of golf sites. But this is one of the principles of this website: take what you get. And I consider whta I get is more interesting knowledge about golf. „Knowing where you are?“ is the question of the day – Yes I think I am.

But after glancing over the blog post I have to admit that I am no wiser than before. Let’s say I am confused. That is the right punishment for a non-golfer like me for reading a golf page. So as far as I understood some guy played his first stroke (probably over a distance of some hundred yards) into a bunker (which is some kind of sand pit). But he made some mistake with his next strike as he did not realize that the bunker actually was a water hazard (which I think simply is a kind of pond) by definition of the …well whoever defined that. At least he did not realized his little ball has drown feet deep in the water because he actually saw it on the top of some sand pile). Obviously golf as well becomes some totally different stuff when you slightly change the rules.

And if they call a small bunker a water hazard in Pasatiempo I really wonder what they call the experience of the golfer in the previous post. Armageddon?