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Wife in the North

5 Mai, 2010 (16:27) | Politics | By: pooq

Time to drop the bomb – or „The Day After Tomorrow„. It is hard to be a Brit these days with the coming election. Especially when you are a follower of Gordon Brown. So whoever will lose the election on Thursday will have to live with the knowledge that it was very very close. At least it is now. We have three parties with about even percentages of potential voters. Though Labour is widely seen on third position only in the forecasts it will profit from the setting of election districts and still may win the election even with the lowest result of all three parties. This fact may make it very hard for the new shoting star Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrats who hardly won any district in the elections before and so did not send too many candidates to parliament in the last elections. It will be interesting whether he will have a deja vu.

The author at least is fed up of all those campaigning which of course is running until the last possible moment. Like most people in England she is not this proud of the politician’s work and behaviour in public which is understandable considering the latest political scandals. Nevertheless as a Brownie she is a little bit biased in her perception. It is hard for her to stand the hybris of „the Camerons curled-up together waiting to be called to govern the country“ and is imagining „Nick Clegg sitting down to tea with Colin Firth for a heartthrob-to-heartthob chit-chat.“ And all the time she has to know that with Brown something went horribly wrong during the past weeks.

At least she will have an exiting and interesting election day tomorrow and I am sure that she and most of her countrymen will go to the ballot tomorrow to cast her vote. Lets whether Britain will experience more changes in their political live than getting simply a new government. After they got TV debates as a new medial event they may learn the benefits and draw backs of a coalition and some will even put in question the whole majority vote system.