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7 Mai, 2010 (15:09) | Economics | By: pooq

This post presents a „fascinating, but largely useless, PIIGS debt graphic from The New York Times“.

So again it is the NYT which gone wrong. What a bad paper no one should read it anymore. But the arguments of the blog author are right nevertheless when he critizes that the focus and the measures used in the graph are questionable. But this is always the problem with graphics, they can not display the whole truth but only show one point of view. Otherwise we put every complex information into a simple picture. So with all graphics and statistics you always need to be careful.

But I would not agree that far with the author to say it is „largely useless“ as at least it indicates how small the greek economical problems are compared to other probably coming problems. So the information I miss most is a clearer statement of the countries‘ risk to fail. But their economical influence which is shown, already indicate what problems still are about to come for the Euro, the European economy and the worldwide economy. Maybe last reminder to get at least financial titles out of the portfolio?