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The Wages of Wins Journal

8 Mai, 2010 (16:30) | Sports | By: pooq

Only the title of this blog might explain the sudden jump from economics to sports. And sports obviously is an easy theme to deal with. „Yahoo! and a Proposal“ is the name the author gave this article. The „Yahoo“ part is just mentioning the fact that certain story has been popular on Yahoo. As this has not to much to do with the rest of the article I suspect the author to use this only for the sake of having some enthusiastic sound word in the title, which is very popular among sport fans.

Above that he has the clever idea to allow other people to write articles on certain sport teams in his blog in future. This is what he has done in the past. So he is very clever to offer this and let others write the content for his blog. So if there is anyone wanting to write about anything please contact me too as I would fancy getting other people doing my job as well. On the other hand beside of the section „Buy Our Books“ I did not detect any commercials on the page so maybe we could as well consider the author is really trying to improve his blog altruisticly with his readers writings and not seeking personal advantage. So if you are a sports expert (especially basketball i suppose because of the basketball in the title banner) maybe you should visit that website before you apply at me.