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Team Christian Artist and Crafters

12 April, 2010 (11:59) | Art | By: pooq

Is arts a sport and why one would make teams? Anyway, the website seems to be introducing every new member by giving them the opportunity to answer a bunch of questions. Of course you can read them yourself as you like. So here instead is my application for a very qualified new member and maybe you are able to answer the question: Who am I?

1. There are many in the commercial breaks
2. Bob
3. 0 months (but I really should be)
4. Single
5. Oh that was a long process
6. Actually I don’t know
7. No, but I like children and they like me.
8. For years
9. Crafting, especially fixing.
10. No
11. I fear, I am an atheist
12. Maybe ToolsR’Us
13. Using a very very large bulldozer, flatten my city to rebuild it from scratch
14. An automatic drink cooler and server
15. I don’t eat that much
16. Hammers, Spanners, shovels, screwdrivers, pincers and such. They can even talk to me.
17. Sitting on the pool after I built it
18. My tool box. They is always something to fix on a moon ride.
19. Yes they all have names
20. No, I think I want to keep them myself. Items are my friends.