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Ma vie en France

12 April, 2010 (11:20) | Travels | By: pooq

Actually it already seems that about a year has passed since the author visited France. I would eliminate the second possible reason that the visit became that boring that there was nothing worth writing about. Maybe contrary: the author got a cultural shock which disabled her to continue writing. Yes, probably it is that. Imagine an American visiting Paris. There has been movies about. And then the cultural shock of suddenly living within an unknown country of arts, sex, easy living, good food and consonants really used in the language. So obviously the author still is in France, got lost somewhere in that rich and wide country and maybe will recover one day to continue writing.

The first impressions were already promising. With short texts and several photos the author describes her departure (damn, I guessed wrongly – maybe I should have read the title of the post more properly) and her last days in France and especially in Paris. So those who never been in France before should strongly be recommended not to read that blog as you only would get wanderlust. But you should not go. It would change your whole live and in addition you would not be able to afford it considering the current low value of the Dollar.