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Inside the Hiding Place

27 April, 2010 (15:58) | Art | By: pooq

From time to time I read discussions about the amount of women within the blogosphere. This discussions mainly are lead within politically orientated blogs and there are only few women who get a certain impact. Which leads to the question whether political blogs are sexist or to the counter argument why women simply can’t blog. To say it this hard: politics does not seem to be the most favourite theme to blog about for women which is why there are so few of them (which leads to only few with some impact among them). But handcrafting definitely is a theme that shows that many many women do blog and that they got impact – even more than those political bloggers mainly get. But I don’t want to give an interpretation as I fear there are women reading this blog too. To say it neutrally: „You are free to blog about what you like.“

On the other hand I fear I am the very start of getting lost within the world wide handcraft web, which is so large no one who has not been there could even imagine. So I boldly go to where no man has gone before: I am getting „Inside the Hiding Place„. And here I find brooches and neck laces.
Help, I am lost…..