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Ever so Dear

27 April, 2010 (16:17) | Art, That is life | By: pooq

What a nice surprise, when you get home from the birth of your second grandchild and get your artisan working place improved. All the natural mess you had with „stones, beads, wire, tools etc“ is gone. Properly they have been put into the new drawers. Well, when I look at my desk I want this too. What a mess. At least the keys are fixed in certain position at the keyboard so at least I am able to find all letters at their place.

And who was the nice person who did this improvements? Were it maybe house elves? No, what makes it even more wonderful: it was the artist’s loving husband. She already said so in the neck lace long title: „my wee but wonderful studio – OR – just because he doesn’t know beans about jewlery, doesn’t mean he can’t make a great work shop!“. Wow, a husband who loves her so much creating such a work shop. Above that he would not interfere her work in any other way as he has no clue of the true arts. And to make it all perfect his name is: Art.

This is the state of the art. And nothing else!