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Zoe Whitten’s Blog

4 März, 2010 (22:09) | Literature | By: pooq

I don’t exactly know whether it is dark fiction or comedy, when you awake and find yourself somewhere else. Somebody is sleeping next to you, whos tail brushed against your cheek, which caused you waking up. Somebody called Leona. And obviously Leona is not a cat or something of the kind, as when you examine yourself closer you find yourself naked and you know it was Leona who undressed you…
If that does not sound familiar to you and if that’s not the kind of experience you make every morning, I think i might be helpful to read the previous chapters to understand „Waiting for a Miracle – Chapter 19“. If you should not yet have a clue how the story might continue, you might also want to read the rest of the story. If you like erotic stories you probably want to read on, too…