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Whiskey Fire

30 März, 2010 (18:13) | Politics | By: pooq

Doing the math is what I like. Everything else is just vague chitchat. But numbers are which literally count. And we won’t bother with kindergarten algebra but start with tough business right from the start: the body count.

First calculation comes from Megan McArdle, who on a rule of thumb figures that the health care reform has the price of $70 million per life saved. Not that I would ever dare to figure the worth of a live in dollars, of course. But it has to be allowed to mention, right?

The author then starts the second calculation of the worth of live in the Iraqi war. If you want to find out what is cheaper in the end you may want to read the whole article there or do the math yourself.

Bodycount. Bodycount in the house, yeah!