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Tiny Cat Pants

31 März, 2010 (16:10) | Health, That is life | By: pooq

Talking about obesity is a problem. It is not only the question whether obesity itself is a problem which needs to be solved. It is yet another to make obesity a theme at all and to state that one sees obesity as a problem and wants to fight it.

The shape of the body – especially those of women – is an important factor in the society. And there is a certain ideal that favours thin shapes and condems fat shapes. This is easy visible when you compare the actors in the movies or in TV ads with the average population. Beeing thick is widely connected with a lack of assertiveness and self-control. In addition most people are conditioned by the slim body shape ideal which make thicker people generally make look different from normal and inattractive.

But after all the body shape of everyone is first of all his personal business. It is not a crime to „get out of shape“ but thick people are often earn strange looks when they dare to eat more than, lets say, a green salad or a carrot in the public. Above the personal decision the body shape is also a biological disposition.

Nevertheless it is often said that obesity (as anorexia too) is a health problem. I am not a medic to evaluate that but if that is the case then there actually is a thing such as unhealthy thickness or leanness. And then it would be necessary to openly talk about it especially to those who are affected. This is not meant as meddling in other peoples life but a try to name a problem and offer help.

I always think it is good to talk openly about (possible) problems than hiding them away. In some case that leads to a confrontation with others, but if I say: „Guy, you are unhealthily thick.“ I do not automatically mean: „Guy, you are dumb, have no self-control and you are ugly.“ It is always the problem that criticizing people is not a usual behaviour. But at least I personally want to be told the truth. I know I am not perfect (whatever that is) and I don’t believe you are either.