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The Rusty Nail

4 März, 2010 (14:13) | Internet | By: pooq

Nicky is having a problem. He is trying to collect his online stories to provide them at one location. Unfortunally this data is spread widely and many of it has already got lost. Now as everybody knows data actually never gets lost, you simply can’t find or access it anymore. Some is stored at services which either have died or are denying him access because of TOS violations. But this actually is not his fault as especially in the Internet services gome and go quicker than you can write a twitter message. And nobody is able to read all those TOS which actually have more content (measured in word count) than any blog will provide in a one year period. So Nicky should not bother about that but continue writing new stuff and publish it somewhere. It is just the good old „fire and forget“ style of writing. And all stuff that is temporarily lost actually is living somewhere in the wild in the web and will fall back to him preferably when he least expects it.