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The Crone Speaks

31 März, 2010 (15:20) | Politics | By: pooq

Teabag bullies are going to personally threat their opponents, says the author of the post. They were threatening them and their families openly to use violence against them. By this behaviour the so called tea party is making itself more and more unbearable. Now after they soon enough have reached the end of their reasoning some of their members try their luck in more non verbal aggresiveness. And by this the whole movent and its especially conservative sympathizers are brought into a difficult position as they now are urged to distance from at least some of the statements made.

I think the „tea party“ and to some degree its counterpart the so called „coffee party“ are a sympton of a growing polarization in the opposing political positions. They work for the political aims of basic convictions and parties but not for the country and its people.