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Staking the Muse

9 März, 2010 (20:10) | That is life | By: pooq

Obviously the muse is green. At least that is the first impression when you open the website. I did experiment with a green on green layout on my link collection once, but soon I dropped the idea. And now I remember why I did so, even though I am not really suspicious of having any designing skills myself. Despite of the nice background pictures the first impression of this webpage is that you suddenly were thrown back to the monochrome screen tech of the eighties or your monitor suddenly lost its blue and red channel. I had a friend by the way whos TV lost the red channel and we enjoyed to watch Magnum in his black Ferrari. Well I think I got way of course now and more important than the visual impression is the content. At least if you are not working in an advertising agency. So let’s see what this post is about:

„For the first time since (I’m guessing) the early to mid 80s, I ran outside today“ (Well maybe my previous guess on the monitor tech was not that bad, uh?). But Pia (the author) did not go to the next electronics store but restarted running in the outside now after previously only using her threadmill. And she found out that this is quite more exciting and exhausting than running at home. In addition on her first run she lacked some basics like proper running shoes, a sports watch and … water. The first two could be easily solved by going to the next sports store soon. But for the water she still has no idea. So being a couch potato myself it would be hard to help her out with a good idea, but as she explicitely asked, I will try to help her as good as I could:

1.) Target the run to the next supermarket and drop in during the run to get some water. (Don’t forget to take some money with you or make sure to be trained well enough to be faster than the person behind the counter)

2.) Keep running at home. (Make sure to have the water next to the machine before you start as the way to the kitchen is much longer than it seems when running on a threadmill)

3.) When in the sport shop (to buy the other two things) ask for help there. I am quite sure there are belts or other stuff which are made for taking water along.