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30 März, 2010 (18:40) | Politics | By: pooq

It’s a quiz ! At least there are a lot of questions within this blog post if you leave out all the other useless stuff. I will try to answer all of them. Maybe there is even a prize to win? So here we go:

„Jesus H Christ in the stockade, would someone please tell me a couple things?“

Yes, I am ready here, already. Just start.

„First, what is the basic difference between Bush and Obama?“

Phew, well there are so many. I think it is: Obama is the president of the United States.

„Second, what happened to the fucking rule of law in the US?“

It is still ruling, but no longer fucking. At least not in the public as the US in general are still a little prudish.

„Has Obama accomplished much of anything he promised, you know the things we elected him to do?“

No, not at all. But things work naturally slower in the start. But between us two I don’t believe he will even accomplish half of it until the next election. Never thought that the GOP would go that far in their blockade attitude. Sacrifying the country as a revenge for not winning.

„Has he undone anything Bush did wrong? Well, except for banning torture during interrogations?“

Yes, he did some cleansing of the stuff the other guy left broken.

„Has he eliminated spying on phone calls, emails, mail, bank accounts, medical records of any Americans without obtaining a court order?“

Hey, ssssh, how could you make this public? I think I keep an eye on your blog to give alert if by some incident you can’t continue posting in future. – No one could stop that, of course. It’s intelligence. And if it were stopped, no one should be able to notice.

„Has he really upheld American’s rights to privacy under The Constitution?“

Seems a rhetorical question to me, so I guess the answer is no? right?

„And now he intends to stay in Iraq longer than he promised?“

There are obviously some areas where Obama has overperformed his promises.

„Has he closed Gitmo?“

I think is still trying to, but he does not find a place to bring all the prisoners to. Simply shooting them does not work anymore since some stinky liberals made Gitmo public…

„In the next election will we give him eight more years to not do things?“

Eight? Is that a trap? Definitely no, I guess…