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Roger Ailes

26 März, 2010 (17:32) | Politics | By: pooq

After the Axe Effect now comes the Axing of evil. And it comes in form of a poem. Nice, though I would have preferred to use „comrade“ in the last line. But we won’t bother about wordings in part time poetry when times are hard. Hard for David Flum who actually lost his job. Evil Axes Tongues would say that he was fired. Lost his job as the first victim of Health Care.
But there is always a job after the job and so the blog author offers David a job writing posts for a fee of 50 Cent each. Considering this I think I could need some help with my blog as well. So, Dave, I offer you 60 (in words: sixty) cents per post when you come to me. In addition you may earn Euro-cents instead of lousy $-cents if you prefer. As long as Greece and the other PIGGS are not bancrupt they count even more. What do you think? Do we have a deal?