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Material Witness

25 März, 2010 (13:11) | Literature | By: pooq

This post is a review of the „The Detective Branch by Andrew Pepper“. And it begins interesting already with the first sentence: „One of the most fascinating aspects of Andrew Pepper’s series of Georgian/Victorian crime novels featuring Pyke (no first name), is the charting of the early days of modern policing in London.“. Well, I am not that firm in literature nor in history, but isn’t Pyke a coeval of the famous Sherlock Holmes then? If so that would be very nice as I enjoyed – especially the early – stories of the master detective not least because of the setting in old London. After three novels the story takes place in 1843 which actually as far as I could remember could be the time of a very young Sherlock Holmes. And Mr. Pyke also works together with the institution of Scotland Yard, which might have more clever agents than it had in Doyles‘ stories. The character of Pyke is that of „an awkward, temperamental and violent man“ who has a tendency to violence. So Clint Eastwood, Nick Nolte or maybe Bruce Willis seem to be the designated actors to play his role if it should come to the movies.

But maybe I should not wait for the film to come but go and get me a copy of that book which seems quite interesting stuff to read.