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Karen Knows Best

25 März, 2010 (12:33) | Literature, That is life | By: pooq

It’s two questions „Is Laurell K Hamilton Really Anita Blake?“ and „Isn’t Laurell K Hamilton just a little bit…strange?“. So if we answer both questions with „yes“ then by logical reasoning we would have to state that Anita Blake is a bit…strange?
Laurell K Hamilton seems to compare her real live with that of her fictional character Anita Blake. And that makes sense as both wake up every morning among beautiful masses of men who give her sex. Good sex of course. The only difference between them is that the real life author has to go to the gym from time to time to „look as good as I do“.
Strange! Wow, Laurell K Hamilton, honestly just between us two (and some other sex hungry Adonises): is there someone interested in such a equably live? Did you sell a single book already?