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Fables of the reconstruction

26 März, 2010 (17:56) | That is life | By: pooq

„Watch Winston the Bulldog Chew Front Bumper Off a Patrol Car“ the author says and embedded the accordant Youtube video. As there are dogs participating this video might go as a fable but maybe the author should rename his blog to „Fables of the deconstruction“ then. Just a thought. Actually the video shows four (?) police patrol cars who stood helpless against Winston the dog who really chew the bumper off. As promised by the title. But to save the honour of the police men I have to admit that they stayed calm and did not simply shoot the dog. Not that I thought they would, of course. So if anyone wants to do something good to these brave men: Please, buy them better cars. „Ford“ cars with bumpers made of plastic do not seem good enough for police work.

Addition (March, 28th): I got an email that hinted me that they have probably read my post and now try to work out the police car problem.