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2 Februar, 2010 (14:45) | Society | By: pooq

The Diaspora is a fate several ethical or religious communities have suffered in history. The author has Asian roots even though I understand that he was born in the USA. He describes the fates of his family members – especially those of his father and his mother. And above his own Diaspora he also studied the fates of Native Americans and African Americans.

So his post is interesting to read but his descriptions are a bit too lyrical to me. For example he is talking about „the familiar recognition that there’s no real home for me in this earthly sphere, only criss-crossed paths across the surface of this spinning planet“ (is it a real Diaspora still then?). In many cases he uses big words and highly emotional descriptions which for me as a „normal native citizen“ makes it hard to really understand his situation and feelings. But maybe I am just not the lyrical kind of person.