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Yeah Right

26 Februar, 2010 (19:49) | Movies | By: pooq

It’s „Five Star Friday“ again. At least it is today in that blog and quite obviously this is a regularly event in which the author presents and recommends movies which have been worth to get his 5 stars ranking. For today’s candidate (which is „Kill Bill, Vol. 1“ – „Kill Bill, Vol. 2“ is only worth 4 stars) the author reflects the opportunities of different ways an author could tell a story. It’s not sursprising that he comes to the conclusion that it are the visuals which make the great difference especially compared with printed works. He presents us Quentin Tarentino as a genius a director of „cinematic brilliance“ who makes his films close at the borders of „classic screen conventions“ and who from time to time overdoes this game and then ends up in disaster. But that has not been the case with „Kill Bill“. Now I have to admit that I did never like „Kill Bill“ too much and thought it more an esthetical hommage to useless violence without any reasonable story. But maybe I could accept the conclusion of the author to some degree: „Style over substance? Yeah, that’s Kill Bill, Vol. 1, but ooooohhhhhhhh what style.“