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The Buck Stops Here

26 Februar, 2010 (18:46) | Law | By: pooq

The author lets his readers participate in a few developments in the law case McCullen v. Coakley which he previously has dealt with in his blog. Wuhaha, that’ll be a hard one as I could hardly say anything about law. But well lets see if I even understand what this is about.

„A group of distinguished law professors […] filed an amicus brief in support of the free speech claim in the case.“ So the case obviously is of some importance if law professors interfere to the case from the outside. But why is there a claim of free speech? I thought there is a general right of free speech already (not counting Guantanamo as a part of law in this thought).

As I understand the news on the case is about the quarrel about if (and how large) no-speech zones around clinics that perform abortions should be set which might be a violation of the first amendment. I think this really a basic decision as if such zones are kept some might surely start to consider to expand the zones to the second amendment as well.