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Sue’s Place

5 Februar, 2010 (19:09) | Society | By: pooq

This is the second time in short time that a blog article encouraged me to read about the Greensboro sit-ins. This time the question is whether „The Weaver family participated in and financially benefited from racially segregationist policies prior to the time that they ‘decided’ to integrate their properties“. Well I don’t want to look that up, too. So I guess: Yes, they did. Obviously one day this family decided to become actively antiracist and antidescriminating. But that would not help them because there always will be a person who finds at least something racistic in other people. Even Gandhi and Mother Teresa will surely have been in some degree. If not in your eyes, I find you somebody in whos opinion they were.

The author nevertheless thinks different on the primary question and claims that on the contrary the Weavers „became a model for civil rights in Greensboro“. The author of the quoted question therefore was wrong as „The thing about history is that you need to read and understand all of it“. If so, then why would it be enough to quote a single source as a reply then? And of all things use the „The Weaver Foundation“ as source???

So in the end I am not convinced by any argument of either side. So as I do not want to make researches myself here is what I take:
There was a family with the name Weaver who might have been normal business men. It is possible that one day they decided on free will and on their ethical and moral standards to support anti decrimination future. Maybe some of you knows the Weavers. Where they antiracist? Or just forced to be, maybe they simply decieved everybody and just pretended being good guys? Tell me please..