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Plead the First

7 Februar, 2010 (15:42) | Politics | By: pooq

„A columnist at Newsmax advocates a military coup to overthrow the government of the United States.“ Actually the columinist claimed not to be advocating but to be merely “describing” what could happen. Well this „only decribing“ tactic never worked too long legally. I remember in my youth there was a techzine which just „described“ how to illegally hack technical devices, but it did so very exactly: „So, guys, when you replace resistor RC43 (see illustration) with model TG652 (1$ in every electronics shop) then you would be able to use that device free of charge. But please do not do so as it would save you 40 bucks a month and that would be illegal“). The zine had no long lifetime.

So a description considering ‚the military overthrow of our Constitution as “patriotic”‘ is a clear treason against the country. As the author says it is always possible that „some unhinged, right-wing lunatic is going to take these sorts of paranoid ravings to heart and take a shot at the President.“ And if that happens no one of the intellectual incendiaries will take the responsibility. So if you think a forcible coup against the President or the State is needed don’t call you a whatever wing democrat but a demolitionist. There have been revolutions in history and not all of them were for the worse of the affected country. But if you aim for that, flag your ship accordingly.