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Patrick Eakes

7 Februar, 2010 (15:12) | Society | By: pooq

Charles Davenport, Jr. seems to be a man of limited understanding of statistics and facts. To hide this drawback he frequently uses quotes in the hope that citing other people will provide a good deal of those people’s insights and would be a prove of education. Let’s take a closer look to find out whether Mr. Davenport Jr. really is guilty of limited insight by examining the blog post in which some of his statements are listed.

„In no other occupation is mediocrity — or positive incompetence — so thoroughly entrenched as in the teaching profession today.“ As I don’t know about the context I don’t argue that focussing on a single field it can always be divided into better or lower quality and between that mediocrity. So I assume it is meant that of all working fields the (relative) number of incompent (as he seems to equal mediocrity with incompetence) people is highest in the teaching profession.

So this is quite a clever thought. As obviously the most incompent profession is the banking business, he simply denies that being a banker is anything which could be counted as a profession. That is clear, straight and cool. And it is no contradiction (as the blog author assumes) that „just a few weeks ago he argued that teaching is not a profession.“ as there obviously have been winter holidays at this time and hardly anybody would do or take some teaching then. That teachers are incompetent is a simple matter of the fact that in most times they are rated by their pupils and as those usually get lower marks than they earned this strongly indicates the continous failure of the teaching profession.

Mr. Davenport Jr. therefore is not guilty of profound incompetence but as his statements are reasoned by simple logics I strongly suspect him of mediocrity, but I would have to read him in original to prove that.